Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger





October 22, 2011

Bud Farmer, Brenda Burge, Fred Richardson, Betty Popovich Ridgeway

Middle Table getting ready for Yvonne the Waitress to take orders

Charlotte Lambert Stallard, Phyllis Lambert Cates, Joyce Pulakis Taylor, Doris Pulakis Wadosky

Betty Popovich Ridgeway and Mary Blevins Dawson



Kim Green, Phyllis Lambert Cates daughter, Yvonne, our Waitress, Barbara Sims Farmer, Teresa our Waitress

Fred Richardson, Phyllis Lambert Cates, Charlotte Lambert Stallard.

Bud and Barbara Sims Farmer

Phyllis Lambert Cates holding the Gary and Welch Barrel

Sisters, Joyce Pulakis Taylor and Doris Pulakis Wadosky

Vicki Dorula Presley, Karen Hawks, Susan Wells Fitchko, Carolyn Little


Marvin Mutter, Pete Pisano

Joseph Barta and wife Sue Ann Blair, Charles Dietrich and wife Diane Thomas

JD Burge, Susan Wells Fitchko, Vicki Dorula Presley, Fred Richardson, Charlie Presley

L:  Sid Cure, Fred Richardson  R:  JD Burge, Brenda Burge, Shelby Bales Clark, Wesley Clark and Carolyn Little

Sid Cure, Susan Wells Fitchko, Fred Richardson, Charlie Presley

Bud Farmer, Donald "Charlie" Sims

Bob Little '58

Yvonne  and Terresa  our Waitress'

Yvonne "Waitress" & Barbara Sims Farmer

Phillip McCormick '63 and Wife Diane


Wesley Clark,  Bob Little, Karen Hawks, Bud Farmer

Karen Hawks and Bud Farmer

Donald Sims "Charlie My Nephew" and Barbara Sims Farmer. JD Burge in Background

Karen Haws and Bud Farmer

Larry and Charlotte Stallard, Phyllis Cates, Joyce Taylor, Kim Green, Doris Wadosky

Wesley Clark and Carolyn Little

R-L  Kim Green, Phyllis Cates Daughter and honorary Coaldigger, Joyce Pulakis Taylor and Phyllis Lambert Cates

Charlie Presley,


 ok ,  what's on the Ceiling?   something is funny. but nothing unusual from Charlotte  Lambert and Husband Larry Stallard




Barbara Sims Farmer, Fred Richardson, Charlotte Lambert Cates

Barbara Sims Farmer and the Handsome man beside me is Fred Richardson.

Charlotte Lambert Stallard, Fred Richardson, Barbara Sims Farmer, Phyllis Lambert Cates

Can you tell we're having fun???

Doris Pulakis Wadosky



Kimberly Green and Mother Phyllis Lambert Cates and her sister Charlotte Lambert Stallard

R-L  Bud Farmer, Charlie Presley Larry Stallard

Bud Farmer, Pete Pisano and Marvin Mutter

R-L  Carolyn Little, Bob Little, Betty Popovich Ridgeway, Sid Cure, Vicki Presley, Yvonne, "Waitress"

JD Burge, Joe Barta, Charles Dietrich, Wes Clark

Charles Dietrich and Wes Clark. Page Street Boys

Bud Farmer, Phyllis Lambert Cates, Mary Blevins Dawson, Diana Thomas Dietrich, Carolyn Little

Carolyn Little and Brother Bob, Mary Blevins Dawson, Diana Thomas Dietrich and Betty Popovich Ridgeway

Ok Fred Richardson.  I know you're up to something.  Pete Pisano is innocent, and Larry Stallard is in it with You.  I can tell by both of your laughter :)

Barrel made by Debra Sharrone Goins

Betty Popovich Ridgeway and Mary Blevins Dawson.  Two beautiful women

The Filling Station. 

The top of the Gas Pump

Donald "Charlie" Sims and Bud Farmer

Doris Pulakis Wadosky and sister Joyce Pulakis Taylor

Kim Green and Fred Richardson.   they're up to something.  look at that mouth on Fred.  I love it :)

Kim Mom Phyllis and Yvonne the waitress are waiting to see what they're up too.   EWeeeee

Phyllis Lambert Cates and Fred Richardson.

Phyllis Lambert Cates, and now Fred Richardson is up to something with Terresa our Waitress.