Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger






Betty Lou Clemons Smith '62, Rita McKinster, Dorothy "D" Miller Cunningham '61

Phyllis Lambert Cates, Jeanette Blaha Spichek, Willie Spichek and Vicki Presley in background

Charlotte Lambert Stallard and Willie Spichek

Donald Sims, My Nephew "Charlie", Eddie Yuhase '66, Bob Murkey '63

Yvonne "Our Waitress", Joseph Barta '56, Willie Spichek '58

Eddie Yuhase '66 Bob Murkey '63

Fred Richardson '61  Chuck McKinster '61, Larry Stallard. "Welch"

Mary Blevins Dawson '58 and her Grand daughter, Bud Farmer '58, Jeanette Blaha Spichek '58

Mary Dawson and Grand daughter, Jeanette Blaha Spichek and Willie Spichek '58 Bud Farmer '58, Vicki Dorula Presley'63

Dorthy 'D' Miller Cunningham " 61, Fred Richardson '61

Bob Murkey, Dorothy Miller Cunningham and others just chatting


My Nephew Donald 'Charlie' Sims, Charlotte Lambert Stallard' 62



Mary Blevins Dawson and her Grand Daughter

Rita McKinster and D Miller Cunningham

Mary Blevins Dawson and her beautiful Grand Daughter

Fred Richardson '61  Barbara Sims Farmer '57 my Nephew Charlie in background

Charlotte Lambert Stallard '62  Bud Farmer '58

Betty Lou Clemons Smith '62, Donald "Charlie" Sims, Barbara Sims Farmer '57

Bud Farmer '58, Betty Lou Clemons Smith '62

Fred Richardson '61, Betty Lou Clemons Smith "62, Chuck McKinster '61

Fred Richardson , Betty Clemons Smith, Chuck McKinster

Willie Spiche '58  Joe Barta '56, Eddie Yuhase '66

Interesting conversation between Fred Richardson and Chuck McKinster both of '61

Yvonne, our Waitress and my Nephew Charlie Sims

Phyllis Lambert Cates, '58 and Jeanette Blaha Spichek '58

Bud Farmer '58 and Fred Richardson '61

Charlie Sims, Kimberly Green, Daughter of Phyllis Lambert Cates '58 and Larry Stallard

Joe Barta '56 Mary Blevins Dawson '58

Willie and Jeanette Blaha Spichek '58  getting ready to leave

Joe Barta '56


Eddie Yuhase '66