Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger




WHITES 4-30-2011

Dates on these pictures are wrong.   the date is above, sorry we had problems with camera's

Ethel Fowler Witt'58, Joe Owens '61

Charlotte Lambert Stallard '61, Phyllis Lambert Cates '58, Carolyn Little '63

Bob Little '58, Joe Barta,  Ethel Fowler Witt '58, Sue Ann Blair Barta

Bob Mulkey '63, Larry and Charlotte Lambert Stallard and Carolyn Little '63

Larry Stallard, Wife Charlotte Lambert and Carolyn Little'63

Marlvin Mutter, Phyllis Lambert Cates'58

De Miller '61, Rita Mckinster

L-R  Fred Richardson '61, De Miller '61 Rita Mckinster, Chuck Mckinster '61

Ethel Fowler Witt, Sue Ann Blair Barta

L-R  Bob Little, Ethel Fowler Witt, Sue Ann Blair Barta and Husband Joe Barta

Bud Farmer '58, Bob Mulkey '63

Carolyn Little '63, Susan Wells Fitchko

Mr.& Mrs. Ambrose Farmer. "Bud" & Barbara Sims

Barbara Sims-Farmer and Nephew, Donald Sims Jr. (Charlie)

Joe Owens '61

Fred Richardson, Joe Barta, Bob Little

Fred Richardson and Barbara Sims-Farmer

Fred Richardson and Barbara Sims-Farmer and Phyllis Lambert Cates

Marvin Mutter, Bud Farmer, Fred Richardson, Joe Owens

Fred Richardson, Phyllis Lambert Cates, Yvonne "Waitress", Charlotte Lambert Stallard, Chuck Mckinster, Bud Farmer, Rita Mckinster and De Miller

Phyllis Lambert Cates and daughter Kim and sister Charlotte