Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger



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SKIDOO'S MAY 17, 2014


 Michael  Blasher and Fred Richardson

Marvin Mutter and Charlie Presley

Michael Nagy and wife Wendy  and Paul Mitchem

D Cunningham and Vicki Presley

Alec Schust, Joyce Dorula and Vicki Dorula Presley


Fred Richardson and Michael Blasher

Charlie Presley and Fred Richardson

L-R  James Large,?, Paul Mitchem, Michael  Blasher, Joyce Dorula and Nan Presley Mitchem

Charlie Presley and Michael Blasher

Fred Richardson, Charlie Presley and Michael  Blasher

Nan Presley Mitchem and Marvin Mutter

Michael Nagy and wife Wendy

Paul Mitchem and Fred Richardson

Paul Mitchem, Fred Richardson, Charlie Presley, Michael Blasher, Marvin Mutter and Alec Schust