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April 20, 1945-August 31,2011

.Patricia Johnson

ANAWALT —  Patricia Anne Sims Johnson, age 66, passed away unexpectedly at her residence on Wednesday August 31. 2011. Born in Pageton W.Va., on April 20, 1945, she was the daughter of the late Steve and Pauline Sims.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by seven sisters, Margaret Sims, Goldie Sims, Evelyn Sims Smith, Ruby Sims Spencer, Roslyn Sims Mishoe, Wilma Sims Haws, and Sharon (Shiney)Simms Overbaugh; and five brothers, Ralph Sims, Donald Sims, Gilbert Sims, and Harry (Red) Simms.

Survivors include Sons, Robert Shadowens Jr. and wife Penny, Bradley Shadowens and wife Tanya; daughter, Tina Warshan and husband Ron; grandchildren, Robert Shadowens III and wife Jennie, Dara Shadowens, Adam Shadowens and fiancé Anna Sain, Sarah Shadowens, Kristina Ball, April Ball, and Drake Shadowens; great-granddaughter, Katelyn Shadowens.

 Also surviving are three sisters, Barbara Sims and husband Ambrose (Bud) Farmer of Bassett Va and Sebring Florida. Nancy Sims Freeman  and husband Gene of Warm Springs Va and Sebring, FL. and Brenda Sims Norwalk and husband Michael of Henderson, Tenn and Sebring, FL.  a host of nieces and nephews and cousins.  She will also be remembered by special friends, Barbara Ottinger and Patricia (Gail) Belcher; also all of her friends in the surrounding communities, and the loving family of the Conklintown Church of God.

A memorial service and celebration of life was held on Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at the Conklintown Church of God. Keeping with Patty’s wishes, her body has been donated to the WV School of Osteopathic Science. In Lieu of Flowers, Donations may be made to the Conklintown Church of God.

My Sister Patty and I were more than Sisters.  She was my Best Friend, and always said I was like her Mother, as when she was little girl, I always had her hand leading her around everywhere I went.  When she was 13, I took her to Calif to live with me, she ended up marrying her first husband who was in the Navy and so was mine and when he'd go out to sea, she'd come and stay with me, children and all.  Her boys were like my kids and my kids were like hers.  We were so far away from WV and our family that we needed each other to be there for each other when we'd get homesick. When I was in Alaska, Panama and Saudi Arabia.  She could sense when something was wrong with me, and she'd call me, and the same with her,  I'd dream about her because I knew something was wrong.  and sure enough, there would be something going on with her.  But this time.  I didn't have a dream.  I got up sick, Vomiting all morning, and didn't know why and when I got the message about Patty. I knew why. it was a message about  her.

My Sweet loving sister is with the Lord now and with all of our family, and she's no longer sick, nor with anyone that's going to treat her bad any more.

Below is some of the latest pictures I got of her  at the Leckie, Anawalt, Pageton and Jenkinjoes and surrounding communities Reunion and Applebee's and at the Friday Night at The Gary High School Museum on 8/5/2011 If you have any pictures that you might like to add, send them to me. or anything that you might like to add, something of her grandkids has drawn or something special that she really liked.  



Patty and Bud Farmer her New Brother in Law                 Patty eating at the Reunion


Susie, her daughter and Gene Wilson  talking to Patty.                   Patty fussing at me for taking her picture.  she hated her picture taken. at applebee's



Patty, Her son Brad and new Wife Tanya Shadowens             Had to go and see our Nephew Fred Sims who is manager so he fed us :)


Friday Night 8/6/2011 at Gary High School Museum.

Patty Sims Johnson and Sister Barbie Sims Farmer


Patty and her son Bradley Thomas Shadowens

Picture Board at her Memorial  Celebrating her life with her family


Patty, Sharon "Shiney" and Brena Sims a Picture off of the Picture Board

Patty and her Grand daughter at graduation