Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger




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May 15, 2010


 Charlie Presley and wife Vicki (Dorula ) Presley

Charlie Presley, Pete Pisano, Alex Moss and Marvin Mutter

Charlie Presley, Andy Blasher, Vicki Dorula Presley, Mike Blasher

GHS '61 Classmates   Alex Moss, Fred Richardson, Alex Moss

Charlie Presley and Andy Blasher Charlie wearing a Rally Hat as a joke on Andy

Brothers, Mike and Andy Blasher

Debbie Werling and Fred Richardson, Adelle McCormick

Mike Nagy  Class of 61 and wife Wendy

Charlotte Lambert Stallard Class of 62 and husband Larry WHS 62

Charlotte and Larry Stallard, Kim Green, daughter of Phyllis Lambert Cates, Smiley Fred Richardson, Phyllis Lambert Cates. That's a secret they have about her shirt. you will have to ask them, I'm not telling. :)

Charlotte Lambert Stallard and husband Larry Stallard

Kim Green, Honorary Gary Coaldigger, and Mother, Phyllis Lambert Cates

Charles "Chuck" McKinister and wife Rita

Jim Newsome, Phyllis Lambert Cates, Fred Richardson

Joyce Dorula and  Charlotte Lambert Cates

Rita McKinnister, Vircki Durula Presley and Husband Charlie Presley

Joyce Dorula, by the  GHS SIGN

Jim Newsome, Charlie Presley, into some serious communication.

Mike Nagy, Charles McKinister, Bucky Blasher

Charlie Presley, Paul Mitchem

Fred Richardson, Mike Nagy, Charles McKinister, Mike Blasher

Alex Popp, Joyce Dorula

Vicki Dorula Presley, Rita McKinister, Nan Presley Mitchem

Fred Richardson, Mike Nagy, Charles McKinister

Paul Mitchem and wife Nan Presley Mitchem

L-R Nan Mitchem, Paul Mitchem, Marvin Mutter, Pete Pisano, ? Charlotte Stallard, Larry Stallard

Paul Mitchem, Pete Pisano

Joyce Dorula,  Vicki Dorula Presley, Kim Green, Rita McKinster

Marvin Mutter, Paul Mitchem, Pete Pisano

Charles McKenster, Mike Blasher

Charles McKinister, Fred Richardson

Pete Pisano, Paul Mitchem

Dorothy "Dee" Miller, Charlie Presley, Nan  Presley Mitchem

Fred Richardson, Alex Moss


Mike Nagy and wife Wendy

Nan Presley Mitchem, Marvin Mutter, Adelle McCormick

Dorothy "Dee" Miller, Charlie Presley

Mike "Bucky" Blasher, Charles McKinister

Alex Popp, Charlotte Lambert Stallard, Dorothy "Dee" Miller, Marvin Mutter

Fred Richardson, Charles McKinister

Alex Moss, Fred Richardson, Mike "Bucky" Blasher

Mike "Bucky" Blasher, Charlie Presley

Marvin Mutter

Charles McKinister, Mike Nagy, Alex Moss, Fred Richardson

Dorothy "Dee" Miller, Nan Presley Mitchem

Charles McKinister and wife Rita, Paul Mitchem

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