Gary High School 1914-1978

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I have many fond memories of GHS, but one in particular stands out.  The Teacher I respected and admired most was Miss Covey.  Her reputation preceded her and many students entered her class for the first time with fear & trepidation.  As we all know she was strict and demanding.  But, she was always fair.

Geometry was my favorite subject.  It was the easiest class I ever took.  It just seemed so logical.  One day Miss Covey was at the board explaining a proof.  For some odd reason I suddenly blurted out "I see a better way!'  The whole class gasped... and a sudden realization, "Oh my god, what have I done." Just then the bell rang...saved by the bell.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  As everyone gathered their things to leave, Miss Covey said "When we return to class tomorrow Levi will show us a better way."

Needless to say, I had difficulty getting to sleep that night.  I went over & over my proof in my mind.  When class began the next day Miss Covey sent me to the board to explain my proof.  When I finished I turned to take my seat.  When you really screwed up Miss Covey had a way of talking to you before the class that made you want to crawl under your desk.  I experienced that more than once.  That day Miss Covey praised me to high heaven.  It went on and on.  By the time she finished I was so embarrassed I again wanted to crawl under my desk.

As I said, she was demanding but always fair, sometimes to the point of embarrassment.  It was several years before I really came to appreciate what Miss Covey did for me, for all of us, by being so demanding and exacting.  I can never express how much I love, respect and appreciate that lady.  I know many of you must feel the same way.


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