Gary High School 1914-1978

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Special Buddy  Anthony, Vladimir & Tootsie's (Goins) Jukovich's Great Grandson I told him he would be up front before everyone else and to give me his biggest smile. I think he did great.  Love you Anthony,

Melvin Jones, Bootie, Lillian Lovelace Brooks Holts sister Margaret, Mack Lovelace

Teddy Valach, Reda Rhodes Wilson

Nan Presley Mitchem and Bud Farmer

Vic Jones sitting,  June Lovelace Jones and Bud Farmer Standing

Barbara Sims Farmer, Bud Farmer, June Lovelace Jones and sitting is Vic Jones

June Jones, Paul Kirk, Barbara Sims Farmer

My Handsome Nephew, Brad Shadowens

? Douglas Miller, Paul Mitchem, Luther Milller

Eating Time

My sister Patty Johnson, sitting, Her Son Brad Shadowens and his new Bride Tanya

? Evans and John Presley

Steve Miller and wife Veronica and  Bud Farmer on the Left

Vladimir Jukovich and Bud Farmer

Vladimir Jukovich and Bud Farmer

Pat Price Need names here please


Rose Anne Eines, ? Tootsie Goins Juknovich

Rose Ann, ?, Tootsie Goins Jukovich

Susie and Gene Wilson's daughter, Barbara Sims Farmer and Susie Childers Wilson

Susie and Gene Wilson and their daughter in the middle

Vic Jones and Lillian Lovelace Brooks Holt

June Lovelace Jones and Barbara Sims Farmer

June Jones and Bud Eye

My husband Bud Farmer and my sister Patty Sims Johnson

Gene Wilson and Vladimir Jukovich. two of Gary High Schools Great Football Player.

? ? Roger Jarett  in red and Black Shirt

Marlin Pugh, Vladimir Jukovich

Danny Sadler ? and?  names please