Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger




Sept 12, 2009

Gene Spencer C'61Carol Blevins and husband Ron DayKim Green, Phyllis Lambert's daughterBud Farmer and Barbara Sims.

Joyce Hood Caldwell  John Hoods SisterSusan Wells Fitchko & Fred RichardsonBud Farmer Linda byrd baker and Dickie RiffeDickie Riffe and Charlie Presley

Nancy Sims Freeman and Charlie PresleyPhyllis Lambert Cates,Doris Pulakis Wadosky and Joyce Pulakis TaylorBetty Popovich ridgeway and Kim GreenJerry Smith and Betty Popovich Ridgeway

Bobby Little, Betty RidgewayBobby Little, Phyllis Lambert Cates , and Doris Pulakis WadoskyGene Spencer and Joyce Hood CaldwellCarol Blevins  and husband Ron Day

Linda Byrd Baker and Phyllis Lambert CatesDr. Joseph Barta MDKim Green Phyllis Lambert Cates DaughterBetty Popovich Ridgeway

Kim Green and Linda Byrd BakerKim GreenPhyllis Lambert Cates and Jean Hood Cutshaw &  Doris Pulakis WadoskyNew Waitress at Whites

Kim Green in her Coaldigger colorsAnother Pic of Kim showing me her Coaldigger Socks.Jerry Smith and Betty Popovich RidgewayPhyllis Lambert Cates. Charlotte Lambert Stallard and Bud Farmer

Kim Green checking out her lipstick on the side mirror of Bud's TruckLarry Stallard & wife Charlotte Lambert, Bud Farmer and Kim GreenPhyllis Lambert, Diana Thomas, Doris & Joyce PulakisJerry smith and Betty Popovich Ridgeway

Phyllis Lambert Cates, Charlotte Lambert and Larry StallardBud Farmer and Carolyn LittlePete Pisano, Joyce Hood Caldwell, Diana thomas DietrichBobby Little, Phyllis Lambert Cates

Charlie and Vicki Dorula PresleyCarol Blevins Day and ronnie DayBrenda & JD Burge & Pete Pisano, charles Dietrich & Bob Mulkey in BackgroundBob Mulkey, Larry and Wife Charlotte Lambert Stallard

Gene SpencerBarbara Sims & Carolyn LittleLarry & Charlotte Lambert StallardGene Spencer and Betty Blevins Dawson  Shhhhh  You didn't see this :)

Jerry Smith and Betty Popovich RidgewayBob Little, Phyllis Lambert & Doris & Joyce Pulakis                Shelby Bales Clark  Fred Richardson, Barbara Sims, Gene Freeman, Carolyn Little

Phyllis Lambert Cates, Barbara Sims and Doris Pulakis WadoskyMary Blevins Dawson, Linda Byrd Baker and betty Popovich RidgewayGene Freeman, Gene Spencer & Donald "charlie" SimsPhyllis Lambert Cates, Bud Farmer, Doris & Joyce Pulakis

Bud Farmer & Marvin MutterKim Green Phyllis Lambert Cates, Nancy Sims FreemanFred Richardson & Betty RidgewayBud Farmer, Linda Byrd Baker, Barbara Sims

Susan Wells Fitchko and Fred RichardsonDiana Thomas & Charles DietrichBarbara Sims & Carolyn LittleCharlotte Lambert and husband Larry Stallard

Fred RichardsonBarbara Sims & Ronnie DayDr. Joseph Barta MDBetty Popovich Ridgeway

Bobby Little, Phyllis Lambert Cates,Doris  WadoskyMary Blevins Dawson, Barbara Sims, Nancy Sims Freeman and husband Gene and JD Burge