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My name is Martha Blaszkiewicz,
It was Martha Mostek, I graduated in 1943.
I left Filbert the day after I graduated from Gary H.S.
I went to Detroit, MI, and lived in Michigan until June 2011.
I moved to California to be with my daughter Vicki, as she is all I have left after my husband passed away.
I don't know how many are left from my class, but one that left W.Va. at the same time as I.
That is Agnes Filie.  We both came to Michigan within a few weeks, we have been friends all these years and I talked to her on the phone today. She does not have a computer, so there is no e-mail address for her.
Agnes is having some health problems after having a fall, she uses a walker to help her get around.
She lives in Sterling Hts. Mi.
I now live in Westchester California.  
My e-mail address is [email protected]