Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger





Yearbooks are a great way for students to remember their school days. The yearbooks on the Coaldigger feature Group class pictures of students, the Favorites for each year, the Class Officers, Football, basketball, the Cheerleaders, the band and Majorettes  are featured in most of the yearbooks, except for the earliest yearbooks.

Yearbooks are used by students after graduation to remember their school days. The Coaldigger website Yearbooks, brings back memories from the days past.

The Yearbooks are from 1938 - 1978  you click on your year to the left for example this page is listed 1938 click on it and it will take you directly to that page. 

If you know of anyone with the Yearbooks earlier than 1938 or any that's missing,  please let me know, I'll pay the postage or bring them to the Alumni Reunions or one of the Get Together Reunions. If you have pictures of your Family members that went to Gary High School and  would like to have them on some of these pages send those also.  

Hope you enjoy the Yearbooks, there's still some construction work on them, but they will get there.

Happy Memories as you travel down the Road of Memories on the Country Roads Website, and The Coaldigger Website.